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IEC 62133-2:2017+ AMd1:2021 issued new details
IEC62133 standard battery test items include: short circuit test, thermal shock test, squeeze test, overcharge test, forced discharge test, transportation process simulation test, button battery AC internal resistance test items.  
Compared to the 2017 version of the standard, the new version of the upgrade changes as follows:  
1. The updated standard has revised the use time of constant temperature charging of the cell in section 7.1.2. The use time is changed from 1H and 4h to 1h to 4h, and the charging mode is changed from constant voltage to constant current charging first and then constant voltage charging.  
In section extrusion test, the updated standard has deleted the description of the upper limit of charging temperature in the original standard.  
Section overcharge testing has added a description of the test requirements. If the battery has a charging protection circuit, it should be able to protect the cell from fire or explosion. 
 Section mandatory internal short circuit test, modified the description of test temperature from the original 10 ° C /45 ° C to be treated according to the manufacturer‘s stated lower/upper charging temperature.