Job Responsibilities: 
1. Responsible for tracking and controlling the certification process and progress of the project in charge, and being able to actively communicate with the business and customer service;
2. Responsible for product information and sample check, issue test plan and review datasheet, complete and test report and archive quality and efficiency;
3. Responsible for pre-testing and rectification of third-party projects, appointments and witness tests, reviewing datasheets, confirming the correctness of third-party safety reports and certificates;
4. Assist the project manager in dealing with technical issues, responsible for customer technical support, and technical communication with relevant partner organizations.
job requirements: 
1. College, 3 years of experience in IT/AV projects, CET4 or above;
2. Proficiency in IT/AV standards (IEC60065/IEC60950-1), better project experience with IEC62368-1;
3. Have experience in cooperation with institutions (ITS/UL/TUV, etc.) and understand the priorities of IT/AV battery standards;
4. Understand the ISO17025 system and CNAS related requirements, good problem analysis and resolution capabilities, communication and coordination capabilities and resistance to stress.