UN38.3 Transportation Appraisal Report
In order to ensure the safety of air transportation and meet the customer‘s transportation requirements for lithium-containing battery goods, according to the relevant provisions of the IATA "Dangerous Goods Regulations", the operation specification of rechargeable lithium battery, that is, the test of UN38.3 (UNDOT) is formulated. .
According to the requirements of civil aviation regulations, airlines and airport cargo collection and transportation departments should review the transportation documents of lithium batteries. The important thing is the safety test report of each type of lithium battery UN38.3. The report may be provided by a third-party testing agency designated by the civil aviation or by a battery manufacturer with testing capability. If this test report is not available, civil aviation will ban lithium batteries for air transportation. UN38.3 refers to Section 38.3 of the United Nations Handbook on the Testing and Standards of Transport of Dangerous Goods, which is specially designed for the transport of dangerous goods in the United Nations. Before the lithium battery is transported, it must pass the high simulation, high and low temperature cycle, vibration test, impact test, 55 °C external short circuit, impact test, overcharge test, forced discharge test to ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation.
Standard: 1. IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 62th, 2021
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 62th Edition, 2021
United Nations Recommendations On The Transport Of Dangerous Goods, Manual Of Tests And Criteria
(ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev.6 Part 38.3) The test items are full items
<United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Manual of Tests and Criteria> Sixth Revision, First Revision, Section 38.3
Recommendations On The Transport Of Dangerous Goods-Model Reg u lations
United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Model Regulations 
Test items:
T.1 Altitude simulation
T.2 Temperature test (Thermal test)
T.3 vibration (Vibration)
T.4 Shock (Shock)
T.5 External short circuit
T.6 Crush / Impact (Impact)
T.7 Overcharge
T.8 Forced discharge (Forced discharge)
New lithium battery operation label
Normal size: 120 x 110 mm ; minimum size: 105 x 74 mm
*The place is marked with the UN number, such as "UN3480"; * * is the phone number
New ninth type of label label
Cargo label only